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Love Poems

In this fourth page of the Love Poem Gallery, we provide still more love poems that you can use "as is" or modify to suit your individual needs.

These poems have helped thousands of people throughout the years express love and affection in a special and unforgettable way.

Love Poems


As a child, I craved to be nurtured -

From my parents, I sought protection;

And as I grew and learned of life,

I needed their counsel and direction.

Too quickly, I reached independence;

And on the way I found rejection.

This forced me to re-evaluate

And find a course correction.

My life is a collage of experiences,

A rich and varied collection;

Showing me how flawed I am -

Forcing me to seek perfection..


But such a goal is hard to reach;

Each day has a new complexion;

Luckily, when you came to me

My life improved, upon reflection.

For, I found true love to strengthen me

It is a vital connection

Between myself and you, my sweet;

And a source of much-needed affection.

Love Poems

Copyright © 2011 Ara John Movsesian

Love Poems

Science and Love

A drop of water from the brook
   Is void of life, when first, I look
Revealing naught with the naked eye,
   Until through science, I apply
A microscope to make things clear
   And realize a new frontier,
Filled with life abundantly,
   A place of wonder and agony.

And so, the world in which I live
   To the drop of water, is relative;
From space afar, I will not see
   With the naked eye, the panoply,
Until through science, I apply
   A telescope to clarify
That there exists upon this sphere
   As in the drop, a vast frontier.

The multitudes that populate,
  To each other love and hate;
This, I see with the naked eye,
   And don't need science to magnify
The fact that life is insecure;
   For this, I know there is no cure;
And always forces good or bad
   Will bring us joy or make us sad.

But through it all, there is a light,
   That always shines upon me bright;
This, I see with the naked eye,
   And don't need science to verify
That you, my sweet, are the steady source
   Of my good fortune - of this great force,
That strenghens me and nurtures my soul -
   That gives me love and makes me whole.

Love Poems

Copyright © 2011 Ara John Movsesian

Love Poems


When I think of you,

I feel excitement come over me;

A rush of adrenelin

Through my arteries

Rev ving up my heart --.

Dialating my pupils --

Causing anticipation

At the thought of our next rendez-vous;

Sometimes, I can't think

Of anything else

Except you -- in my arms

Savoring your sweet kiss

And the warmth of

You're loving embrace.

Love Poems

Copyright © 2011 Ara John Movsesian

Love Poems


Our relationship requires hard work
  To keep it strong and healthy.
Otherwise, it will wither away,
   That, I can guarantee.

Our selfish ways of thought,
   Have made us act headstrong;
Causing unwanted resentment,
   And making things go wrong.

This is not what I really want,
   And it troubles me constantly;
For both of us need to change
   And practice flexibility.

We both must make an effort,
   To search for the golden key;
That will unlock the gate of contentment,
   To complete love's recipe

And so, my love, we must see the light
   And finally recognize;
That our relationship will only grow
   If we can compromise.

Love Poems

Copyright © 2011 Ara John Movsesian

Love Poems

Have Faith


What does the word "faith"

mean to you?

I don't think you really know --

Because your actions tell me so.

For example, you are always

Jealous if anyone looks at me --

You should be pleased they do --

At least, I'm not homely .....

Have confidence in yourself

And the good you have

Within you;

That good, I see every day

That keeps me with you constantly.

If you don't have faith

You will always be miserable

And that can only lead

To heartache.

Faith in my love for you

Will set you free of doubt

And give you peace of mind

Permitting our love for each other

To grow and fulfill it promise.

Love Poems

Copyright © 2011 Ara John Movsesian

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