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Love Poems from the Web

Submission Rules

Poems can be written in many different styles, classical, contemporary, free verse, blank verse, rhymed and metered. You may email us your poem (not to exceed 20 lines in length). Please, our selection committee will consider only one love poem per visitor per month - so don't flood us with your life's work. Just pick out your best for submission. (Hint:  Don't submit poems that are obviously meant for only one person.)

Please use the following format:


Street Address

City/State/Postal Code


Phone number


I, (Name), give my permission to The Electric Press(tm) to post the following poem entitled (Poem Name) in the Love Poems from the Web section of the Love and Romance Home Page(sm). I expect no monetary compensation from the Electric Press® for the posting of this poem. I certify that I am the author of this poem and am the rightful copyright holder.

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