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Pearls of Love

How To Write Love Letters & Love Poems

Computer Version 1.0

Filled with examples of love letters from the past, ideas, explanations, tips, techniques and pre-written, ready-to-use love letters & love poems, Pearls of Love is ready to help you express your love and affection in a special and unforgettable way. It can help you mend a friendship, begin a relationship, and keep the fires of passion burning bright should you and your love be separated by distance and circumstance.  It can even help you express your love towards family and friends.  

Here's what the experts have said about Pearls of Love


Short of having a friend named Cyrano, you can't beat this guide to writing ... love letters... and poems."

Patricia Holt - San Francisco Chronicle Book Review


"Pearls of Love ... turns out to be a very competently done "How-To" text that touches on the psychology of various forms of love as well as techniques for communicating it."

Charles Fontenay - Nashville Tennessean


"Pearls of Love ... is a fun, yet sincere effort to help those of us clumsy of rhyme and prose pose wondrous declarations of love to those close to the heart. Pearls of Love ... truly does deserve a home on the shelf with the thesaurus and dictionary."

Rebecca Teagarden - Columbus Citizen-Journal


Pearls of Love is easy to understand, easy to use and very powerful.

Pearls of Love is filled with mountains of romantic ammunition, including:

1) Pre-written, love letters  that you can use "as is" or change to meet your own needs

2) Step-by-step rules for writing great love letters/emails and love notes 

3) Pre-written, ready-to-use love poems to sweep your love away  

4) The "elements of poetry" to teach you the art of writing love poems 

5) Hundreds of rhymed couplets (ready-to-use two verse poems that you can combine to make larger poems to express just about any thought or feeling)>

6) Hundreds of love sentences (perfect for creating love letters/ emails & love notes),

7) Scores of love paragraphs - arranged by idea (life-savers when you don't have enough time to find the right way to say it)

8) A 3,500 Word Rhyming Dictionary great for writing love poems and/or love songs 

9) Thousands of "Love Terms" listed and grouped for ease of use in creating that right expression

10) Hundreds of Imagery terms (that will give your poem or letter flavor and style)

11) A word list consisting of 1,700 Selected Words for letters, emails and poems so that you have the ammunition to say it right!>

Pearls of Love has helped thousands of people throughout the world express their deepest feelings. Now you, too, can use this timeless and practical information to make a big impression on someone special.

One of the best investments you'll ever make!

Pearls of Love is one of the most helpful resources on the market today. It's guaranteed to help you express in writing your feelings of love and affection in a special and unforgettable way.

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This helpful book contains over 170 power-packed, love poems that express many different emotions, and feelings.  It's the perfect companion to Pearls of Love. 

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Love Poems for Cards & Letters along with Pearls of Love will make you a master of the love letter and love poem.

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