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Word Expressions


The Word Expressions Gallery contains hundreds of Adjective phrases which you can use to create your own love letters, love poems and other works of romantic expression. Don't be afraid to use the descriptive words found here. Just make sure that the words will be understood by the one who reads them.

Word Expressions for Love Letters & Love Poems

Word Expressions are groupings of descriptive words which can be used to set forth an idea or describe some person, place or object. A word expression may contain a noun and the adjective that modifies it. For example: "burning desire" is an expression made up of "desire," the noun and "burning," the adjective which describes "desire."

Word expressions may also contain two or more words that serve as adjectives or describing words, such as "anger and fury." which can be used to describe some action, such as "Your reaction was filled with anger and fury."

Noun with Adjective

Double Adjective

Triple Adjective


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