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Valentine's Day Love Poems

In this Valentine's Day Love Poem Gallery - second page, we provide 5 more love poems that you can use "as is" or modify to suit your individual needs.

These poems help express love and affection in a special and unforgettable way.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Love Poem No. 6


My single days were filled with laughs,

Relationships galore;

But lately they don't give to me,

The pleasure they gave before.


I feel as though I'm out of whack,

I'm listing to the side;

It's hard to function day to day,

And take my life in stride.


I need some balance in my world,

To keep me level and true,

And so, my love, it's plain to see

That truly I need you.

Valentine's Day Love Poems

Copyright © 2011 Ara John Movsesian

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Valentine's Day Love Poem No. 7

I met you just the other day ,

With friends at a rendez-vous.

And now I have a yearning,

Every time I think of you .


Our conversation, if you will,

Was sparse, to say the least.

But now, I hunger for your voice,

For it was a sensory feast.


I can't explain in flowery terms,

What you have done to me,

Except to say, I have a craving,

That needs you immediately.

Valentine's Day Love Poems

Copyright © 2011 Ara John Movsesian

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Valentine's Day Love Poem No. 8

They say it gives you butterflies;

Feelings you cannot shake,

That consume your heart without reprieve -

That constantly make it ache.


They say that when you suffer from it,

The needed cure is clear;

And only when the need is met,

Can peace of mind reappear.


All this, to me, was so remote,

That I could not relate,

Until that fateful evening -

Until that fateful date.


But now, I know the anguish -

For you've set my heart afire;

Thus I need you here with me,

To quench the flames of desire.


Valentine's Day Love Poems

Copyright © 2011 Ara John Movsesian

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Valentine's Day Love Poem No. 9

Ever since we met that night,

I've been pre-occupied.

I can't concentrate upon my work -

I can't set thoughts of you aside .


You've impressd me to the nth degree;

You've given me inspiration.

You've won me over to your side,

And ended my isolation.


I never thought I could feel this way;

It is a revelation !

You give color to my grey-scale life,

As well as a growing excitation.


Just talking to you gives me satisfaction;

Your smile is a pleasant sight;

But most of all, when I'm with you,

I feel extreme delight .

Valentine's Day Love Poems

Copyright © 2011 Ara John Movsesian

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Valentine's Day Love Poem No. 10

Your charm is overwhelming;

It's magic - It's sorcery;

It sweeps me to another world,

Each time you come to me .


I cannot disregard it;

It will not leave me be ;

Your seductiveness and charisma,

Make a potent recipe.


You are a constant fascination;

An attraction; Heaven-sent

Giving to me - unselfishly

Pleasure and enchantment.


Valentines Day Love Poems

Copyright © 2011 Ara John Movsesian

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