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Word Expressions

Noun with Double Adjective phrases which you can use to create your own love letters, love poems and other works of romantic expression are found here.

The Word Expressions Gallery contains hundreds of word combinations. Don't be afraid to use the descriptive words found here. Just make sure that the words will be understood by the one who reads them.

Word Expressions for Love Letters & Love Poems

Word Expressions are groupings of descriptive words which can be used to get across an idea or describe some person, place or object. A word expression may contain a noun and the adjective that modifies it. For example: "burning desire" is an expression made up of "desire," the noun and "burning," the adjective which describes "desire."

Word expressions may also contain two or more words that serve as adjectives or describing words, such as "anger and fury." which can be used to describe some action, such as "Your reaction was filled with anger and fury."

Noun with Adjective

Double Adjective

Noun with Double Adjective



Noun with Double Adjective

Abandoned and desolate feeling
Abounding and limitless love
Accentuated and stressed behavior
Accessible and pleasant person
Accomplished and skilled person
Accumulated and weighty baggage
Accusing and hurtful words
Aching and throbbing pain
Adaptive and flexible personality
Admirable and worthy person
Adolescent and immature nature
Adolescent and childish behavior
Adorable and sweet personality
Adventurous and brave man
Adventurous and daring woman
Adverse and untimely event
Adverse and unlucky incident
Affectionate and loving personality
Affectionate and kind person
Affectionate and warm lady
Affirmative and favorable opinion
Aggressive and hostile actions
Aggressive and mean demeanor
Aggressive and pushy behavior
Aggressive and forceful ways
Ambrosial and calming influence
Ambrosial and pleasant character
Amorous and erotic actions
Amorous & passionate manner
Amorous and lustful ways
Angelic and naive nature
Angelic and spiritual demeanor

Angelic and innocent behavior
Animated and exciting personality
Animated and vibrant character
Annoying and tedious words
Annoying and irritating behavior
Annoying and bothersome actions
Annoying and obnoxious behavior
Annoying and tiresome words
Antagonistic and hostile attitude
Antagonistic and unfriendly demeanor
Antagonistic and combatative ways
Appalling and disgraceful actions
Approving and favorable response
Aromatic and pleasing aroma
Artistic and creative expression
Artistic and imaginative solution
Artistic and expressive poem
Autumnal and colorful time
Awakened and aroused persona
Awed and wonderstruck appearance
Awed and amazed look
Azure and piercing eyes
Azure and deep pools





Noun with Double Adjective

Balmy and fragrant breezes
Bashful and soft-spoken friend
Bashful and meek personality
Bashful and quiet person
Beautiful and stylish lady
Beautiful and intelligent woman
Beguiling and sensuous friend
Beguiling and mesmerizing girl
Benevolent and kind man
Bewitching and seductive ways
Bewitching and delightful personality
Binding and firm decision
Bleak and lonely existence
Bleak and foreboding life
Bleak and abysmal situation
Bleak and hopeless mess
Blissful and calming love
Blithe and thoughtless actions
Bottomless and everlasting love
Boundless and unlimited love
Boundless & immense appreciation
Boundless and abundant affection
Boundless & immeasurable love
Bright and intelligent person
Bright and cheerful lady
Bright and intuitive man

Calm and collected demeanor
Captivating and attractive style
Captivating and charming personality
Caressing and calming actions
Caustic and hurtful words
Cavernous and abundant love
Celestial and infinite wisdom
Ceremonious and formal behavior
Chaotic and disorderly conduct
Charming and seductive ways
Cherished and admired woman
Chivalrous and kind person
Civilizing & enlightening conversation
Clear and concise explanation
Cloistered and sheltered life
Coherent and logical words
Comforting and sympathetic demeanor
Compassionate and caring ways
Compelling and forceful behavior
Complimentary and flattering words
Conflicting and divergant stories
Convincing and persuasive words
Convulsive and uncontrollable nature
Cool and confident style
Corrupting and subversive lies
Costly and ruinous behavior
Countless and infinite ways
Courageous and heroic actions
Courtly and chivalrous nature
Coy and flirtatious style
Crushing and repressive words
Cutting and hurtful language
Cynical and suspicious nature

Emily Dickenson

Noun with Double Adjective

Damaging and subversive attitude
Dashing and gallant nature
Dauntless and persevering character
Dazzling and impressive actions
Deceiving and devious nature
Decisive and firm persona
Deepening and strengthening love
Defiant and resolute attitude
Degrading and demeaning manner
Delectable and tasty treat
Delightful and pleasant feeling
Delightful and enjoyable date
Delirious and euphoric night
Deserted and barren feeling
Desirable and welcome association
Desolating and upsetting news
Desperate and hopeless situation
Despicable and hateful manner
Devastating and disastrous news
Devious and dishonest behavior
Devoted and steadfast love
Devouring and consuming passion
Dictatorial and oppressive nature
Disciplined and orderly demeanor
Distorted and inaccurate account
Dominating and oppressive nature
Dormant and hidden love
Dramatic and sensational actions
Dynamic and spirited debate


Earthly and accessible friend
Ecstatic and joyous feeling
Effervescent and bubbly nature
Effervescent and sparkling character
Elfish and naughty behavior
Elusive and ambiguous answer
Embittered and resentful attitude
Emotional and touching statement
Emotive and controversial manner
Enchanted and beguiling nature
Encircling and protective manner
Enduring and infinite love
Energetic and vibrant personality
Engaging and attractive person
Engulfing and protective relationship
Enriching and enhancing association
Enthralling and captivating manner
Enveloping and nurturing love
Epicurean and hedonistic taste
Erotic and sensual manner
Erotic and suggestive ways
Erroneous and mistaken conclusion
Ethical and moral compass
Exemplary and commendable behavior
Exhilarating and thrilling feeling
Exotic and colorful event
Exquisite and elegant style
Extraordinary and exceptional lady


Noun with Double Adjective

Fastidious and diligent nature
Faultless and exemplary character
Fearless and resolute behavior
Fervid and intense emotions
Feverish and frenzied look
Fiery and passionate love
Figurative and symbolic expression
Fine and exquisite gift
Flamboyant and showy nature
Flashing and flaunting wealth
Flowing and effortless expressions
Foolish and unwise behavior
Forbidding and desolate place
Foregone and conceded outcome
Forlorn and gloomy attitude
Formidable and awesome accomplishment
Fragile and vulnerable nature
Freshening and cleansing outcome

Gathering and assembling friends
Gifted and endowed person
Gleeful and joyous ocassion
Golden and flourishing relationship
Gorgeous and grand attire
Governing and defining influence
Graceful and flowing manner
Groundless and misguided accusations
Gushing and lavish praise

Hasty and tentative decision
Haughty and arrogant demeanor
Haunting and unforgettable outcome
Hazy and confused nature
Healthy and vibrant relationship
Heated and lively discussion
Heavenly and sublime love
Helpless and vulnerable feeling
Hidden and unseen dangers
Hilarious and unruly celebration
Honest and forthright declaration
Honeyed and mellow demeanor
Hot and lustful statements
Hot and feverish look
Hypnotic and endearing charm


Illuminating and insightful words
Impatient and restless attitude
Impending and imminent danger
Impetuous and impulsive behavior
Impish and playful attitude
Implicit and absolute opinion
Inflamed and aroused desires
Inherent and natural character
Inventive and unusual solution
Involuntary and spontaneous declaration

Lord George Byron

Noun with Double Adjective

Jealous and envious feeling
Keen and perceptive nature
Kingly and distinguised personality
Lengthening & expanding friendship
Logical and reasoned solutions
Lying and deceitful behavior
Magnetic and charming personality
Majestic and dignified manner
Matchless and unique character
Nonchalant and indifferent attitude
Numbed and desensitized reaction
Numerous and frequent meetings

Obstinate and persistent requests
Overbearing and bossy character

Painful and sad ending
Penetrating and perceptive nature
Perennial and constant occurrance
Persuasive and powerful words
Pleasurable and delightful feeling


Polite and gracious demeanor
Princely and noble style 
Pristine and pure love
Profound and wise statement
Prompt and timely decision
Proper and respectable behavior
Purposeful and committed response
Quenchless and wanting desire
Questioning and suspecting nature
Quivering and quaking feeling
Quizzical and curious demeanor
Racy and suggestive language
Radiant and joyful smile
Refined and cultured look
Resilient and tough character
Righteous and moral personality
Saintly and virtuous reputation
Selfish and vindictive temperament
Sheepish and meek demeanor
Shining and radiant personality
Silent and unvoiced love
Soaring and lofty hopes
Stern and rigid mentality
Stinging and painful words
Stormy and turbulent emotions
Sublime and divine love
Sustaining and comforting words

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Robert Frost

Noun with Double Adjective


Thrilling and inspiring statements
Tingling and trembling feelings
Tormenting and troubling thoughts
Tortured and tormented mind
Towering and enormous love
Tranquil and serene thoughts
Treasured and cherished friendship
Trustworthy and truthful reputation


Unabated and intense love
Uncommon and exceptional friendship
Uncontrollable and wild thoughts
Undeniable and certain outcome
Unique and distinctive relationship
Unrelenting and persistent need
Unrequited and unreturned love
Unsatisfied and unfulfilled love
Unselfish and noble character


Visionary and inventive nature
Vivacious and exciting look


Whispering and sighing wind
Wholesome and healthy attitude
Wild and foolish nature


Yearning and longing sensation
Youthful and innocent ways
Youthful and careless behavior


Zealous and dedicated attitude
Zesty and spirited nature

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