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Love Poems from the Web

These Love Poems from the Web were written by visitors to [The Love & Romance Home Page(sm)].

They are for your reading enjoyment, or you can use them "as is" or modify them to express your love to someone special.

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 1


I love you more than life, it seems,

Which grants us happiness and sorrow;

For the image of your beauty means

You are the angel of every morrow.

My love for you is a hidden emotion,

Which someday I may candidly express;

But till my lips reveal their intention,

My heart and soul must simply confess.

Never had I someone to call "my girl"

To me a word of eternal bliss;

For you posess the beauty of a pearl,

God's gift from heaven to kiss.

To marry me is beyond belief,

So happy that tears may fall;

Escaping loneliness is a relief,

When your beauty comes to call.

Though I inherit no poetic talents

To taunt you with ecstatic rhyme;

Just loving you is a humble patent

In this world of modern time.

Love Poems From the Web

Levon Kalayjian
Los Angeles, CA

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 2
Who Knew?

Who knew?

Who knew that we

would be together?

Who knew that our lives

would come together

and we'd be close?

Who knew that

we'd share our thoughts

and feelings freely

and not worry about what

the other would think?

Who knew?

We did.

Love Poems From the Web

Charles A. Christopher II
Austin, Texas USA

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 3
Next to Me

Holding your hand,

Kissing your cheek;

My eyes begin to clearly see.

Feeling your warmth,

Holding you close;

I know I need you next to me.

My love for you can't be measured,

Through days of endless pleasure ...

By my side, my love.

Throughout eternity, my love.

I watch you smile, so innocent and free.

It's clear to me now,

My life can never be complete,

Without you next to me.

Lying by your side,

Feeling your heart;

I dream of what we soon shall be ...

I'll stand there waiting for you,

Watching your beauty shine through;

And before God, you'll be standing next to me.

My love for you can't be measured,

Through nights of endless pleasure ...

By my side, my love;

Throughout eternity, my love;

I'll watch you sleep, so quiet and free;

It's clear to me now,

My life will always be complete,

With your love next to me.

Love Poems From the Web

John Patuto
Belleville, NJ USA

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 4
A Lover's Vow

"I shall love you always, darling,

from the rising of the sun,

till appear with darkness' falling,

stars that sheen your eyes -

----------------each one, reason for my kissing

lips that moonlight shades and glistens,

cheeks that blush at wisperings

of passion's words."

------------------ Intent, you listen.

Anxious to translate intendings,

eager to accept their plea,

naked in your offerings

of yourself, your gift to me.

"This, my vow to you, my darling,

though the stars may shine no more,

though days dawn with sunless mornings

of my love, you may be sure -

of my liking - of my lusting -

Interest, friendship, hope and care,

pleasure in the joy of trusting,

solace just because you're there.


------------ mere letters that spell meanings,

cannot deep-felt thoughts express

passions' sighs and bodies' joinings,

----------------- illustrate with tenderness."

Love Poems From the Web

Frank I. Stirling
Houston, Texas USA

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 5
Fair Gentleman

Fair Gentleman

How eloquent your smile

how unchanging

you regard me always

as I am.

I might be called upon

to crawl into your thoughts from

time to time.

Always. Sublime.


you regard me.

I become volatile

your glance.



Joan of Arc at Stonehenge awaits

your call,


Betwixt heaven and earth.


Love Poems From the Web

Cathrine Mole
Rooihuiskraal, SOUTH AFRICA

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 6
A Special Star

I stared up into the heavens

Looking for a special star;

One caught my eye: I grabbed it -

Very closely, I put it to my heart;

Endlessly, it shined so bright -

Young and pulsating, it's brightness grew

One day, I finally understood -

Understood that this star was my love for you.

Love Poems From the Web

Brian David Krebs
Lake Elmo, Minnesota USA

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 7

I've found a world of fantasy

Where fact and fiction weave

Together in a tapestry

What's real and make-believe

'Twas there I met a special friend

Who stole away my heart

What started as a simple game

Now tears my soul apart

Where this may lead, I cannot say

But know these words are true

Each day I count the hours until

I'm once again with you

Love Poems From the Web

Jacqueline Bower
Fairbanks, Alaska USA

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