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Love Poems from the Web

These Love Poems from the Web were written by visitors to [The Love & Romance Home Page(sm)].

They are for your reading enjoyment, or you can use them "as is" or modify them to express your love to someone special.

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 81

Sharing Souls

I gaze into your eyes

your soul stares

we are one

you and I


existing as if

we've always been

each other's



touching transcends us

here we are

our heaven


walk with me





with me



how I love you




my life is yours


eternity awaits us



our destiny


Love Poems From the Web

Tricia Lynn McKissick
Harrisburg, PA

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 82
Our Mystery


  Others talk about us, not quite knowing what we think.

   They glimpse a look, a smile, somethimes just a wink.

They wish to know our secrets, but they can only guess.

   A word or touch between us, intrigues them none the less.

We come and go like shadows, were we really there at all?

    Sometimes we're gone for hours without a single call.

It seems their thoughts run wild, when questions get no response.

    We much prefer a private word, and an air of nonchalance.

Our mystery remains complete, knowing you is my reward.

    Like the moonlight on a sandy beach, you cannot be ignored.

Love Poems From the Web

Dan Hixon
College Station, TX

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 83

Just Promise Me

When you sit there,

looking at my face,

I need you to love it,

and keep me in your embrace


When I start to get scared

and need to cry,

tell me you still care

and that you are always close by


I really need to know

that things will be alright

and I need to know you will help me,

as I put up this emdless fight


I'm trying very hard

but it's going to take some time

just promise you'll stand by me

until everything is fine.

Love Poems From the Web

Jonathan Koberstein
Wauwatosa, WI

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 84

Eternal Love

I know that time will never change the love I have for you ...

Except to make it deeper still in everything you do ...

In all my dreams and coming years,

You play the leading part,

For I know that time will never change the love within my heart.

Love Poems From the Web

Ben Helle
Paulding, OH

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 85

Our Love

Every night, as the stars appear, so does a vision of you.

Though you are far, it feels as though you and I are one,

In a field of flowers dancing under the moonlight.

Dancing to the howls of wolves and the whistles of the wind,

I look deep into your eyes and I see beauty;

I see us, our dreams, our future, our happiness and our love.

With every touch, you fulfill my every desire,

And with every kiss, , you bid farewell to all my sorrows.

Our love has no boundaries and will last longer than time.

Our love is the missing link that brought the world into existence,

And together, we will find our place in history and change the course of time.

Love Poems From the Web

Tonny Vang
Minneapolis, MN USA

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 86
My Last Poem


More beautiful than the ocean,

More vibrant than the Sea,

A beauty so very rare,

that it breathes life into me.


Like a summer's breeze

blowing through my hair

her beauty gives me a feeling inside,

far beyond compare.


The colorful collage of Autumn leaves

make the whole land bright.

And those cold, winter days followed by

those dark, beautiful, starlit nights


Are all things I have seen and done

experienced time and time again,

But the one thing I am lucky to see

is the sight I see when


She turns to me with a smile on her face

and from the inside of me a tear will flow.

a tear full of such passion and love

a tear that some will never know.

Love Poems From the Web

Dan Caldwell

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 87



At times when we are down;

and the Gods just seem to only frown;

we despair and dare to give up

those of which we care.

But stand firm, my love, and you will see;

A crown of joy awaits you and me.


Love Poems From the Web

Tony Gentile
Bellingham, WA USA

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 88


I study the angelic sculpture intently,

The master worked with such care,

Carving out the celestial form so gently.

Features so lovely and fair.


The sun of bright hope in her face,

How pleasant it would be,

To be in a heavenly place,

With only her to see.


Her mannerisms just right,

For the most beautiful Sun,

That even shines at night,

This masterpiece never done.


Perfect silhoutte in her shade,

With light shining out from her all,

Among the rippled clouds she laid,

Among the others she remains tall.

Love Poems From the Web

Robert Koch
Fairfax, VA USA

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 89

Life is a Journey ...


Life is a journey ...

In which we are given many roads to choose; in our life we travel down many roads...searching for the right pathway to follow

yet not knowing which road to choose

sometimes in our life we choose the wrong pathway and we stumble and fall

some of us get up and continue to go on...some of us give up much too easily

Throughout our entire life we meet many people; many of whom touch our lives

We know in our life we will meet many more until our journey is complete and we have traveled and learned

of life's experiences

we gain our knowledge and wisdom

to share with those who have just started their journey and who haven't chosen a road yet.

Not knowing where it will lead them yet we hope the wisdom and the knowledge we shared with them might be carried on to others that they might meet along the way... .

So when we are done sharing our wisdom and our knowledge with all whome we can share

our journey ends.

And we leave our loved ones behind knowing we helped them by sharing our life's experiences with them

as we begin a new journey

may we never say goodbye

but good journey ... .

Love Poems From the Web

Lisa Crowe
Dedicated to her father, Victor Sayegh
Las Vegas, NV USA

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 90

A Distance


No matter where I go

What I do

I will always be with you.

Love Poems From the Web

David Decker
Columbia, TN USA

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