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Love Poems from the Web

These Love Poems from the Web were written by visitors to [The Love & Romance Home Page(sm)].

They are for your reading enjoyment, or you can use them "as is" or modify them to express your love to someone special.

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 17

As the full moon crosses the sea of darkness,

my aching heart beats for your presence; my soul needs you to be near me again.

Until that day, I will pray.

The endless thoughts of you at night

contribute to my body being aroused by the remembrance

of your kiss - the smell of your hair;

your essence fills my body as thoughts of you deepen.

Deeper they go - deeper they wander - deeper they look,

deeper they explore what it would be like having you in my arms again.

Until that day, I will pray.

I feel so at peace,

that the search for my lover has ended with you.

Now my love, my heart can rest.

My mind is at ease and it is only filled with thoughts of you and us.

I love you.

Love Poems From the Web

Patty Landis
Ponca City, Oklahoma  USA

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 18
The Place Where My Heart Lives

Deep down inside that special place

that lives inside my heart

I found you

wandering through ...

I took hold of your hand

and walked you around

and asked you not to depart.

For when I visit that lonely room

where my heart sometimes does stay

and find you there

I wonder where

you've been before today.

And the pleasure and passion that fills that room

when you are here

makes me feel so good

that I wish you would

stay forever, my dear.

Now, that room where I found you is quiet again

waiting for you to arrive

but the memories you left there

are warm and sincere

and that's what keeps this feeling alive.

So, the door to that room will stay open

waiting for you, once again

to fill it with pleasure

too immense to measure -

just waiting and wondering when.

Love Poems From the Web

Melanie Acosta
Denver, Colorado  USA

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 19
Oh My Darling!


I really don't know what to write,

It really is a sorry plight,

I only wish I had you here,

And then I'd whisper in your ear,

(Maybe you would say it too)

Oh my darling, I love you!

Love Poems From the Web

Elaine Bailey
Rowley, Massachussetts  USA

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 20
If Just This Night


If just this night, you take my hand

And lead me to the stars

Forever it will be with me

To cherish what was ours.

Not knowing what tomorrow brings

Or where our lives may go

I'll hear your whispered words of love

As gentle breezes blow.

I'll give to you myself this night

My passion, love and heart

Knowing that the time will come

When we will have to part.

Love Poems From the Web

Connie Elkins
Magna, Utah USA

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 21

In secret we meet

In silence I wait

Longing for your love

We've opened the gate.

Confessions in a kiss

Expression in a glance

A touch so craved

My mind in a trance.

A dream of a touch

So fresh and so new

I wish to be closer

Closer to your.

Happy together

Scared when away

Always together

One sweet day.

Love Poems From the Web

Walter King
Chatham, Ontario, CANADA

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 22
The Kiss

Of all the fancies, tell me this:
What is this thing, we call a kiss?
Whether long, impressed or little nips
To feel the press of two small lips,
Can really churn my heart to rage
My whole emotion full engage.
How can a simple touch of skin,
Be the source of my head spin?
You see, the answer is the source
My girl's the one who holds the force.
For when her lips call out, "Come Here..."
First lips, then chin, the cheek, the ear,
The way she takes two simple parts
Whose touch reacts to meld two hearts.
It's all because my love drills deep
Into my soul, from wake to sleep.
I cannot stop the depth, the flow
Nor would I try to let it go.
It makes me live, it fills, does drive
Me on to do, yes, to survive.
This love, this passion building still
It burns inside, demands, "Fulfill !"
Would I ever turn it back?
Watch my life from full to lack?
Never, NO, it gives too much,
This love from her, said with a touch
Of two small lips - pressed to my skin
It makes me live - my fire within.

Love Poems From the Web

Kyle Wise
Athens, GA USA

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 23

I have no right to ask you not to give up on me ...

But I'm begging you to stay with me - just a while longer.

You are like no other man I have ever met.

I wake up every day wondering if a man like you can exist outside of my mind.

"Too good to be true" is such an understatement.

You just can't be so much goodness, all wrapped up inside just one man.

When I want to walk away and shelter myself for protection take my hand

And walk me thru the days, one by one...

When I want to give up on "us," you patiently let me have my say,

And with your persistence and your gentle words, you calm my heart and my mind.

And our friendship continues to endure....

When I stop believing in the fairy tales of love choose just the time

To suit up in your silver armor and ride up on your big white horse,

Offer me your hand and sweep me away to a place where the passion we share overwhelms us,

And life becomes bearable and complete again.

All because you are in my life, and by my side....

Love Poems From the Web

Sue Poppe
Jasonville, Indiana USA

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 24

Time heals

Time can dull the pain inside

Time heals

Time can dry the tears we've cried

Time heals

Time can mend a broken heart

But even after so much time

You and I are still apart!

Love Poems From the Web

Peter Ilbery

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