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Love Poems from the Web

These Love Poems from the Web were written by visitors to [The Love & Romance Home Page(sm)].

They are for your reading enjoyment, or you can use them "as is" or modify them to express your love to someone special.

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 34
Do You Feel As I Do?

Hold my hand; can you feel my heart beating?

Kiss my lips; can you hear me talking to you?

Listen to me speak; can you feel me running through your soul?

When I am not by your side, can you feel my presence?

When you try to concentrate, do you see my face?

When the wind blows, can you hear me quietly singing in your ear?

When you eat, can you taste the sweetness of my lips?

When you awake, am I the reason you go on?

I ask you this, only to let you know that you are never out of my thoughts,

and wondering, If you feel for me as I do for you?

Love Poems From the Web

Kristen Mercurio

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 35
Happy Valentine's


I'm here to bring you your Valentine's surprise.

Come with me

take my hand

go with me to the crackling fire

stretch out beside it on the bear-skin rug

and nestle your head into my lap

giving you a soothing facial

is my gift to you

dimmed lights

sweet fragrance in the air

classical music

the sounds of ocean waves in the distance

warm lotion

heated towels

my angelic touch

close your eyes


and trust

and let begin

warming the lotion

caressing your face

gently massaging

pressing the magical points

that release

the strain from your eyes

the pressure from your mind

the tightness from your mouth

the tension in your jaws

harsh sounds from your ears

the knots in your neck

and the burden on your shoulders

feel good, dear heart

may you be filled with love, always

my love

Happy Valentine's, Valentine

Love Poems From the Web

Gloria Jean

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 36
I Close My Eyes

When I close my eyes, I imagine your presence

The thought of you being near

I can see the love on your face

When I close my eyes, I can feel you sitting next to me

Your smile consumes me; your voice echos in my head

I can hear the loving words you whisper

When I close my eyes, I remember your touch

The tenderness in your hand as you hold mine

The warmth in your arms as you hold me tight

The softness of your lips upon mine

When I close my eyes, I am there with you

So passionate

The love we make is forever etched in my mind

Memories never die

Whenever I am lonely ... I just close my eyes.

Love Poems From the Web

Melissa Maxwell

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 37
Cyber Dove

Oh mourning dove who cries in the night,

Spread your wings but don't take to flight.

Stay where space and time stand still,

And dream with me a lover's tale.

Oh mourning dove, why do you weep,

Here is the place where souls don't sleep.

Please hear my words, Oh mourning dove,

And wipe those tears, for I'm in love.

Love Poems From the Web

Cheryl Cabana

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 38
Secret Dreams


I never get to tell you

What I'd really like to say,

How much I long to hold you

Each and every day.

To kiss you and caress you

And leave this world behind,

There isn't any limit

To the pictures in my mind.

You're the fuel of all my fantasies,

The substance of my dreams

In my special world

It's you and me

And nothing in between.

But then when I

Come back to Earth

And face reality

I realize, it's just a dream;

That's all there is for me.

Love Poems From the Web

Prince Ali

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 39
Love Across the Miles


My love, I've never met,

Sound silly but it's true

I've seen not her face, and yet

The feelings still come through.

How can this be, one might ask

To love someone you've never seen

One might think, quite a task

Hard to explain, if you've never been.

Yet my love is real,

my heart knows

Things the mind can't feel

Like the beauty of a rose.

Just for her to be near

To feel her warm embrace

To this alone, I steer

'Tis the dream, I always chase.

I know I'll meet my love some day,

I know this to be true;

Face to face, I'll get to say

"Sweetheart, I Love You!"

Love Poems From the Web

Donald Cron

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 40


When I study your eyes,

your face,

your body,

special ideas float into my mind.

I feel closer to you each day,

and foresee our love growing greater in every way,

until one day when our love is pure, total, and unconditional,

in your mind and mine,

we will be together -

together to the end of time.

Love Poems From the Web

Vince Bove

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 41
The Kiss


Of all the fancies, tell me this:

What is this thing we call a kiss?

I shall tell you what it is......

It is a creature born and bred

Between the lips all cherry red,

By love and warmth desires fed,

And makes more soft the bridal bed

It is an active flame, that flies,

First to the babies of the eyes,

And charms them there with lullabies,

And stills the bride too, when she cries.

Then to the chin, the cheek, the ear.

It frisks, it flies, - now here, now there,

It is now far off, and then it's near,

And there, and there, and everywhere.

Has it a speaking virtue? - Yes.

How speaks it, say? - Do you but this:

Part your joined lips, - then speak your kiss,

And this, love's sweet language is.

Has it body? - Yes, and wings.

With a thousand rare encolorings

And as it flies it gently sings,

Love, Honey yields, but never stings.

Love Poems From the Web

Peter Harmon

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 42
Our Love

Every night as the stars appear, so does a vision of you.

Though you are far, it feels as though you and I are one,

In a field of flowers dancing under the moonlight.

Dancing to the howls of wolves and the whistles of the wind.

I look deep into your pearly eyes and I see beauty,

I see us, our dreams, our future, our happiness, and our love.

With every touch, you fulfill my every desire,

And with every kiss, you bid farewell to all my sorrows.

Our love has no boundaries and will last longer than time.

Our love is the missing link that brought this world into existence,

And together, we will find our place in history and change the course of time.

Love Poems From the Web

Tony Vang

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