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Love Poems from the Web

These Love Poems from the Web were written by visitors to [The Love & Romance Home Page(sm)].

They are for your reading enjoyment, or you can use them "as is" or modify them to express your love to someone special.

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 52



Needing past love

from another stranger

Leads me down a road

I wish I never

had to travel,

yet. I long for passion

tender kisses

and the warmth of

your smile.

Fantasies, please come true

as I wander a lonely path

awaiting you.

Love Poems From the Web

Gino DeSico
El Lago, TX

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 53
Where to Start


I have some things to say, but where to start?

You brought sunshine to this once tainted heart

And though I've known you only a short while

When you are near, I always seem to smile

The smile of one who's found a new romance

The lightened soul of one who takes a chance

A chance to feel again a tender kiss

And rouse in me those feelings that I had missed

Of all the passion felt each time we meet

A racing pulse, the quickened breath, the heat

The whispered words, a gentle touch, the sighs

Those sweet hellos and all those sweet goodbyes

The one who makes me wonder what's in store

And leaves me each time always wanting more.

Love Poems From the Web

Heather R. Clarke
Mississauga, Ontario CANADA

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 54

The One


You are my heart in human form,

I cannot believe you are real,

Nobody could ever take your place,

Incredible is how I feel.


The sight of you makes my pulse race,

I would not alter it for the world,

I love the way you make me smile,

You are a very special girl.


Every night, I depart to bed,

When I awaken, I love you more,

When I am with you, I am blissful,

You are the one I'll e're adore.


I could ne're lose you if I tried,

In the future, you are all I see,

Without you, I could not make it

I want you to grow old with me.

Love Poems From the Web

Michael Cook
Goffstown, New Hampshire

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 55



Love not sought

but found

Life not fought

is bound.


Love is sharing,

is giving,

It's about laughing,

and living.


First is trust

no fears

Time is unjust

no tears


The spirit is joined

bright as the Sun

the union is coined

together as one

Love Poems From the Web

Ed Stankiewicz ( © 1997 ejjs)
Lansdowne, PA

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 56

Child In Your Eyes


I look at you through the darkness,

The salt air tangy on my lips,

Wind whipping my hair as we watch the silvery stars

and the boats' distant lights on the horizon.


How can I explain what I feel?

To gaze into your eyes is to see my soul reflected,

My future children in your eyes,

Smiling back at me across a sea of trials and tests

of our love.


As the waves crash on the darkened shore

I know our love will be forever,

And like the tides that come and go,

So will these trials and tribulations,

Because, it is our destiny.

Love Poems From the Web

Paula Beaton
Aberdeen Scotland, UK

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 57



You are the voice I will never hear;

the breath that I shall never feel,

And the arms that will never embrace me.

You are the eyes I will never gaze into;

the whisper that can never stroke me,

and the sadness that overwhelms me.

You are the light that will not keep me,

the darkness that will not console me.

You are my demon and my angel.

I am the soul you cannot save from harm,

the tresses that you will never caress,

and the body you will never know.

I am the song without a melody,

the heart without a beat.

I am the silence that surrounds you;

I am the secret that you keep.

I am your fool and your scholar, your garden and your desert.

I am the warmth that will never soothe you,

And the anger that cannot chastise you.

I am familiarly unfamiliar and simply complex - I am the contradiction

You are only words on paper,

you are only what my imagination will allow

my intellect falls in love and my world falls apart

all because you are ...... illusive.

Love Poems From the Web

Jennifer Burstein
Orlando, FL

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 58

This Ring


As the long, dark nights of Winter fade to the bright days of Spring,

So do the days of my life, as I prepare to give you this ring.

For the winters of my life have passed, and it shall always be Spring,

Because I know the love we have will be everlasting.

Love Poems From the Web

Darrell Roe
Pearl, MS

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 59

A Beautiful Girl


Your soft, brown streaks of hair

Fall gently upon your shoulders


Your beautiful lips

of which I long to kiss

Reveal the most beautiful smile


And so with every smile you smile

I long to be with you even more


I spend my days admiring you from afar

Through only one, single door left ajar.

Love Poems From the Web

Arbab Zeeshan Memon
Thatta Pakistan

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 60
Our Song of Songs

(Inspired by Song of Solomon)


Arise, my love, and come away

For, lo, the winter is passed

The rain is over and gone

And Spring is upon us at last


The fig tree beareth green figs

And the vine her berry most red

Even as Earth hath her seasons

So ours be the season to wed.


The winds are astir with fragrance

Of flowers in sweet nature's keep

And mountains drop us down new wine

From vinyards that no longer sleep


But our love's fairer than the rose

And our kisses sweeter than wine

May this Our Song of Songs today

Chime on forever in time.

Love Poems From the Web

Susan Crowe (© 2004 Susan Crowe)
Augusta, GA

Love Poem from the Web

Love Poem No. 61



Can I put into words, this that I feel?

It came oh so sudden; can it be real?

I think that it must be because


I cannot shake it, no it shakes me

A gentle weakness, in my stomach

And in my knees


A slight trembling, sometimes lost in thought

Yet, I do not own this feeling

No, it cannot be bought


The child within me is giddy


I sought for reasoning

The answer, too, came sudden and oh so clear

This feeling cannot be summoned

It only comes when you are near


Early days of love bring with it

Joy, fear, wonder, and surprise

Now I know this feeling


Some describe it as butterflies

Love Poems From the Web

Wayne Brown
Rocklin, CA

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