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Love Poems

In thisfifth page of the Love Poem Gallery, we provide still more love poems that you can use "as is" or modify to suit your individual needs.

These poems have helped thousands of people throughout the years express love and affection in a special and unforgettable way.

Love Poems

The Holidays Are Here


It's that time of year again

The Holidays are here;

And you are in my life, my love,

To bring me lots of cheer.


Let's walk beneath the mistletoe,

But hold me close, my sweet;

Tradition must be followed,

So sweep me off my feet.


Let's cuddle near a roaring fire;

Let's hold each other tight,

While watching flames a dancing,

We'll kiss throughout the night.


How wonderful this season is,

With you here in my arms;

Sharing with me these special times,

Treating me to your charms

Copyright © 2001 Ara John Movsesian

Love Poems

Love is Like a Snowflake


A raindrop falls upon the earth

And causes a seed to grow;

And when the seed fulfills its fate,

Its purpose, we will know.


A frozen flake drifts slowly down,

And lands as new-fallen snow;

And when the weather begins to warm,

The snowflake causes a river to flow.


Lust is like a raindrop;

That makes our passions wake,

Pushing aside our loneliness,

And making our hearts to quake.


While Love is like the snowflake,

Waiting patiently for its time;

But when, at last, it finds its form,

Its effects will be sublime.


And so, my sweet, Lust is great

At this special time of year;

But like the snowflake, hopefully,

Love will soon appear.

Copyright © 2017 Ara John Movsesian

Love Poems

More to Come

Love Poems

Copyright © 2011

Love Poems

More to come


Love Poems

Copyright © 2011

Love Poems

More to Come


Love Poems

Copyright © 2011

More Love Poems to come

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