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Love Poems

In this third page of the Love Poem Gallery, we provide still more love poems that you can use "as is" or modify to suit your individual needs.

These poems have helped thousands of people throughout the years express love and affection in a special and unforgettable way.

Valentine's Day

The Secret Garden

There is a light that shows me the way,

To a secret garden, with a fragrant bouquet,

And as I enter through its welcoming gates,

To savor all that for me awaits -

I can't help but wonder why the light chose me

Why fate gave me the Garden's key.

For whatever the reason, this much I know,

It is a lovely place where I love to go -

A garden full of life's delights -

Of tenderness and wondrous nights.


A garden in which to nourish my soul;

A place to go to make me whole

Where the warming light becons me stay

Where always it is Valentine's Day.

Time has shown me this simple truth,

That the light that shines from high above -

That leads me to this garden each day

Is the nurturing light of your infinite love.

Love Poems

Poem Recited by Ara John Movsesian

(From YouTube)

Love Poems

Copyright © 2001 Ara John Movsesian

Love and Romance Resources

On Summer Nights

The twenty-first of June, My Love,

Is here and then, it's gone.

The days are long - the nights divine

Until each break of dawn.

I long for Summer's entry;

The pace of life - the sights;

But most of all, I long each day

For your love on Summer nights.

I can't express in proper terms,

The joys, the pleasures and delights,

That are a gift from you, my sweet,

And your love on Summer nights.

True fortune has befriended me,

It lifts me to wondrous heights,

From where my life is truly blessed,

By your love on Summer nights.

Love Poems

Copyright © 2001 Ara John Movsesian


89 Ways to Say "I Love You"


I think you are sensational,

Spectacular and more;

Your lucious lips and charming smile

Are things, I can't ignore.


The sound of your alluring voice ...

The way you call my name;

You can't begin to understand

How you set my heart aflame.


And whenever you are in my arms;

Your body soft, sublime...

Gives me a taste of Heaven

And stills the march of time.


You are an inspiration;

You're entrancing and divine;

So fortunate am I, my love

To know that you are mine.

Love Poems

Copyright © 2001 Ara John Movsesian

Poem Recited by Ara John Movsesian

Wedding Resources

Kissing You Again


Sweet Spring is here, my dearest love;

The flowers are in bloom;

Their fragrance travels through the air

And floats into my room.

Grim Winter's grip upon our love.

Has given way, at last,

And now, we are able to share again

What we had in the past.


Pleasant memories flood my mind;

My heart begins to race,

At the thought of kissing you again

While in your warm embrace.

Love Poems

Copyright © 2001 Ara John Movsesian


Love Poems

Hey Babe!

Hey Babe! I love you!
Can't you see?

How much you really
Mean to me?

How much your touch
Makes my day;

And makes my troubles
Melt away.

Hey Babe! I love you!
Can't you see?

How much I need you

How much your presence
And your style,

Makes me happy-
Makes me smile.

Hey Babe! I Love You!
Can't you see?

How much you really
Mean to me?

Love Poems

Copyright © 2016 Ara John Movsesian

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