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Word Expressions

Adjective phrases which you can use to create your own love letters, love poems and other works of romantic expression are found here.

The Word Expressions Gallery contains hundreds of word combinations. Don't be afraid to use the descriptive words found here. Just make sure that the words will be understood by the one who reads them.

Word Expressions for Love Letters & Love Poems

Word Expressions are groupings of descriptive words which can be used to get across an idea or describe some person, place or object. A word expression may contain a noun and the adjective that modifies it. For example: "burning desire" is an expression made up of "desire," the noun and "burning," the adjective which describes the noun, "desire."

Word expressions may also contain two or more words that serve as adjectives or describing words, such as "anger and fury." which can be used to describe some action, such as "Your reaction was filled with anger and fury."

The current page contains word expressions in the form of a Noun with an Adjective (which describes the noun).

Noun with Adjective

Double Adjective

Noun with Double Adjective



Noun with Adjective

Abandoned hope
Abounding happiness
Accentuated playfulness
Accessible pleasures
Accomplished ease
Accumulated burden (The accumulated burden of my past is lightened by
your love.)

Accusing glance
Aching desire
Adaptive wit
Admirable reserve
Adolescent youth
Adolescent desires
Adolescent behavior
Adorable manerisms
Adventurous mind
Adventurous behavior
Adverse experience
Adverse behavior
Affectionate approval
Affectionate embrace
Affectionate smile (Your affectionate smile
makes my day.)

Affirmative attitude
Aggressive selfishness
Aggressive demeanor
Aggressive tendencies
Aggressive behavior
Ambrosial essence
Ambrosial charms
Amorous youth
Amorous behavior
Amorous desires
Angelic softness
Angelic face

Angelic smile
Animated eloquence
Animated expression
Annoying complications
Annoying mannerisms
Annoying behavior
Annoying obsession
Annoying obstacles
Antagonistic views
Antagonistic outlook
Antagonistic behavior
Appalling difficulties
Approving smile
Aromatic fragrance
Artistic elegance
Artistic expression
Artistic views
Autumnal skies
Autumnal outlook
Awakened curiosity
Awed devotion
Awed expression
Azure sky
Azure eyes
Azure pools (Your eyes are azure pools which mesmerize me each time I gaze into them.)





Noun with Adjective

Balmy fragrance
Bashful modesty
Bashful demeanor
Bashful smile
Beautiful features
Beautiful moves
Beguiling voice
Beguiling looks
Benevolent regard
Bewitching airs
Bewitching smile
Binding obligation
Bleak loneliness (The bleak loneliness

of our separation is unbearable.)
Bleak expectations
Bleak surroundings
Bleak future

Blissful consciousness
Blissful sleep
Nlithe disregard
Bottomless abyss
Boundless admiration
Boundless energy
Boundless determination
Boundless love
Bright interlude
Bristling temper
Calm resignation  
Captivating speech
Captivating charms
Caressing smile
Caustic remarks
Cavernous gloom  
Celestial joy
Ceremonious courtesy
Chaotic plans
Charming radiance
Cheap resentment
Cherished objects
Chivalrous spirit
Civilizing influence
Clear insight
Cloistered virtue
Coherent thinking
Comforting reassurance
Compassionate love
Compelling force  (The compelling force of your love was too hard to resist.)
Complimentary glance
Conflicting influences
Contorted expression
Convincing forcefulness
Convulsive agony
Cool confidence
Corrupting tendencies
Costly advantages
Countless barriers
Courageous eagerness
Courtly bearing
Coy reluctance
Crushing sorrow
Crystalline sky
Cutting directness
Cynical disregard

Percy B Shelly

Noun with Adjective

Damaging admission
Dancing sunshine
Dappled shadows
Dashing gallantry
Dauntless courage
Dazzling triumph
Deceiving mists
Decisive manner
Deepening dusk
Defiant coldness
Degrading tendencies
Delectable speculation (The exact moment of your arrival is always a delectable speculation.)
Delightful variation
Delirious ecstacies
Deserted desert
Desirable distinction
Desolating dread
Desperate defiance
Despicable vices
Devastating effect
Devious intentions
Devoted attachment
Devouring ambition
Dictatorial manner
Disciplined mind
Dispelling fear
Distorted vanity
Dominating influence
Dormant capacities
Dramatic liveliness
Dreaming adventurer
Dynamic energy


Earthly splendor
Ecstatic happiness
Effervescent personality
Effervescent style
Elfish grace
Elusive charm
Embittered gaze
Emotional warmth
Emotive power
Enchanted garden
Encircling embrace
Enduring charm (You possess an enduring charm that draws me to you.)
Energetic enthusiasm
Engaging smile
Engulfing love
Enriching experience
Enthralling charm
Enveloping presence
Epicurean taste
Erotic embrace
Erotic gestures
Erroneous assumption
Ethical wisdom
Exemplary conduct
Exhilarating charm
Exotic appearance
Exquisite specimen
Extraordinary charm

Love Poem Basics

Noun with Adjective

Fastidious taste
Faultless taste
Fearless integrity
Fervid enthusiasm
Feverish bewilderment
Fiery indignation (My thoughtless actions have caused within you a fiery indignation which I hope I can extinguish.)
Figurative eloquence
Fine sensibilities
Fireside delights
Flamboyant manerisms
Flashing wit
Flowing imagery
Foolish frenzy
Forbidding air
Foregone conclusion
Forlorn desolation
Formidable barrier
Fragile form
Freshening breeze

Gathering gloom
Gifted intelligence
Gleeful spirit
Golden opportunity
Gorgeous splendor
Governing impulse (Love is my governing impulse whenever I think of you.)
Graceful demeanor
Groundless fear
Gushing enthusiasm

Hasty generalizations
Haughty composure
Haunting despair
Hazy recollection
Healthy vitality
Heated discussion
Heavenly ecstacies
Helpless innocence (Your helpless innocence attracts me very much.)
Hidden pitfalls
Hilarious outburst
Honest admiration
Honeyed eloquence
Hot frenzy
Human derelict
Hypnotic fascination



Illuminating insight
Impatient yearning
Impending fate
Impetuous zeal
Impish humor (Your impish humor is a real turn-on.)
Implicit faith
Inflamed curiosity
Inherent dignity
Inventive jealousy
Involuntary yearnings

William Shakespeare

Noun with Adjective


Jealous animosity

Keen insight (You have a keen insight which can see through the most refined snow-job.)
Kingly generosity
Lengthening shadows
Loftiest aspirations
Lurking suspicions (Such lurking suspicions are unhealthy for our relationship.)
Magnetic fascination
Majestic dignity
Matchless charm
Nonchalant manner
Numbed stillness
Numerous failings

Obstinate defiance
Overbearing style (Your overbearing style is smothering our relationship.)

Panting eagerness
Penetrating warmth
Perennial charm
Persuasive eloquence
Pleasurable excitement


Polite indifference
Princely courtesy  
Pristine dignity
Profound conviction
Prolonged happiness (My prayer is that the love we share will bring us both prolonged happiness.)
Propelling impulse
Pursuing fancies
Quenchless despair
Questioning gaze  (Your questioning gaze makes me feel that I have lost your trust.)
Quivering excitement
Quizzical expression
Racy humor
Radiant happiness
Refining influence
Resilient spirit
Righteous indignation
Saintly serenity
Selfish vindictiveness
Sheepish look
Shining virtues
Silent agony  (The weeks we are apart are spent in silent agony.)
Soaring ambition
Stern defiance
Stinging reproach
Stormy passion
Sublime anticipation
Surpassing loveliness

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Love Poem Basics

Noun with Adjective


Thrilling eloquence
Tingling expectation
Tormenting thought
Tortured innocence
Towering pride  (Your towering pride is too much for our relationship.)
Tranquil grandeur
Treasured possessions
Trembling anxiety


Unabated pleasure
Uncommon attraction
Uncontrollable delight  
Undeniable charm (You have an undeniable charm which melts the coldest of hearts.)
Unique personality
Unrelenting spirit
Unrequited love
Unsatisfied yearning
Unselfish fidelity



Visionary dreamer
Vivacious personality


Whispering breeze  (The whispering breeze always reminds me of the night we met.)
Wholesome aspirations
Wild extravagance


Yearning tenderness
Youthful desires (Your youthful desires are overwhelming.)
Youthful ambition


Zealous devotion
Zesty personality (You have a zesty personality which lends a lot of spice to my life.)

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