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Love Poems

In this Love Poem Gallery, we provide a number of love poems that you can use "as is" or modify to suit your individual needs.

These poems have helped thousands of people throughout the years express love and affection in a special and unforgettable way.

Love Poems

One Way Love

A one way love can never thrive;

It needs reciprocation.

And so in order to survive

My love needs affirmation.

So throw your caution to the sky,

And let your heart command.

You'll find that it will not deny

A love which must expand.

Come now, to me, with open arms

And sweep me off my feet;

And then display for me your charms,

To make my love complete.

My one way love will terminate

Without your inspiration.

So, therefore, please reciprocate

With no more hesitation.

Love Poems

Copyright © 1983 Ara John Movsesian

Love Poems


Wildflowers bloom on a mountainside,

As icy waters on their tumbling ride,

Flow in haste to meet the Sea,

On a cycle that will always be.

Cycles, cycles everyplace,

Even in my life, I face,

The fact that cycles often race

With no regard to proper pace.

So I was born and grew up fast,

And now I'm free to love at last,

And need you to complete the chain

Of the cycle that is in my name.

Love Poems

Copyright © 1983 Ara John Movsesian

Love Poems


You don't need fancy jewelry

To make me fall for you.

You don't need a lot of makeup,

To cause me to pursue.

You don't need clothes from Gucci

To make me like you more.

You do not need to put on airs

To make my passions soar.

All you need is honesty,

And a smiling face;

Sincerity and loyalty,

And a warm embrace.

Love Poems

Copyright © 1983 Ara John Movsesian

Love Poems

A Plain, Old Kiss

Some people need a peck or two;

For others a simple smooch will do;

Too many, a graze will stimulate;

A few may want to osculate.

And then, there are those who need a smack;

For flowery words they have a knack.

But all I want from you is bliss,

Which you can give me with a plain, old kiss!

Love Poems

Copyright © 1983 Ara John Movsesian

Love Poems

I Love You

You're kissable and cuddly;

You're lovable and sweet;

You thrill me every minute,

And sweep me off my feet.

You're charming and disarming,

Desirable and true.

You inspire and impress me,

And that's why I love you!

Love Poems

Copyright © 1983 Ara John Movsesian

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