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The Love and Romance Resources listed on this page contain a great deal of romantic ammunition. We hope you will use the letters, poems & helpful ideas presented.

These resources will help you express your love and affection in a special and unforgettable way.

A Valentine's Day Love Poem

Valentine's Day


They say it gives you butterflies;

Feelings you cannot shake,

That consume your heart without reprieve -

That constantly make it ache.


They say that when you suffer from it,

The needed cure is clear;

And only when the need is met,

Can peace of mind reappear.


All this, to me, was so remote,

That I could not relate,

Until that fateful evening -

Until that fateful date.


But now, I know the anguish -

For you've set my heart afire;

And so I need you here with me,

To quench the flames of desire.

Romance Resources

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More Valentine's Day Love Poems

Love & Romance Resources
Greeting Card Art to help you make personalized greeting cards.

Love and Romance Resources

Ready-to-Use Love Poems

Ready-to-use love poems expressing love and friendship for you to use when the words are hard to find.
89 Ways to Say "I Love You"

Love Poem Basics

Learn the basics of poetry. Know the difference between a sonnet and a couplet, the different types of rhythm and rhyme and then use your new found knowledge to create your own masterpieces!

Text Message Terms

See our listing of selected Love, Romance and Friendship related SMS Text Message terms and abbreviations.
Special Ocassion Notes

Short but sweet sayings on selected topics appropriate for note cards! Sometimes, a thought expressed with a minimum of words, gets the point across more effectively.
Love Quotes

Quotes on Love, Life and Living!

Wedding Resources

Pre-Written Love Letters

Pre-written love letters that you can use "as is" or modify to suit your needs! Who says Cyrano doesn't exist?
I Love You in Romance Resources

89 Ways to Say "I Love You!"

It started with 89 ways and over time, it has grown as more and more visitors have added their own languages. So today, it really is "More than 89 ways to say "I Love You !"

Greeting Card Poems

Short but powerful poems for use in blank greeting cards! Handwriting a poem is a more effective way of expressing love.
Word Expressions

Words and expressions to help you express your true feelings in a special and unforgettable way. Ammunition for you to use in making one-of-a-kind love letters and love poems. - Affordable Diamond Engaement Rings

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