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As you know, our lives are highlighted by certain milestones: birth, our first birthday, or our sixteenth, graduation from high school or college and of course, marriage, to name a few. Some milestones are positive and some negative. But of all the milestones, marriage reigns supreme..

In this section of our site, you'll find many types of resources and

a wealth of information that will help you plan the perfect wedding.

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Featured Wedding Poem


Wildflowers bloom on a mountainside,

As icy waters on their tumbling ride,

Flow in haste to meet the Sea,

On a cycle that will always be.

Cycles, cycles everyplace,

Even in my life, I face,

The fact that cycles often race

With no regard to proper pace.

So I was born and grew up fast,

And now I'm free to love at last,

And need you to complete the chain

Of the cycle that is in my name.

Featured Wedding Poem

Copyright © 1983 Ara John Movsesian

Wedding Proposal Ideas

Wedding Proposal Ideas

What to Do! What to Say! How to Do It !

Find examples of wedding proposals used by real people. One may be right for you or, tweek one to suit your individual needs.

Wedding Clothes & Accessories

Everything for your wedding from A to Z !

You'll find wedding attire, favors, decorations and everything necessary for your dream wedding, here.

Honeymoon Destinations

A Time to Relax and Explore One Another

After all the wedding guests have gone...

Enjoy your new partner in a romantic setting!

Wedding Resources

Wedding Vows & Declarations

Express your love and comittment in a special and unforgettable way!

Create your own personalized wedding vows with these helpful tips and resources.

Wedding Ceremony

Information on Various Ceremonies available to you!

The links listed on the Wedding Ceremony Resources page will help you understand the background and components of existing wedding ceremonies in the hopes that you will gain insight as to what is available to you.

Wedding Links

To Help You Weather the Wedding Storm!

Whether you need a wedding guide, wedding software or just about anything else to help you get it right, this is the place where you'll find helpful links!

Anniversary Ideas

Making Memorable Memories!

Things you can do on your wedding anniversary

Also a listing of wedding anniversary names

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